Friday, July 23, 2021

Reflections for the weekend..



It has been a month or so since we last walked down from the city to Elizabeth Quay. Earlier this week under the grey cloudy sky the Elizabeth Quay Bridge was creating reflections that made me think of a ginormous pair of spectacles, is it just me seeing that :) You can see in the third shot, still a lot of construction going on. Last two shots, even luxury hotels look a little less luxurious under less than impressive skies :) Hope you have a super weekend, it's a busy one for me. Happy Friday, take care and stay safe..

Visit James to see more Weekend Street/Reflections from around he world..


  1. That is a lot of money. Top photo is a winner.

  2. Beautiful, Grace.
    The bridge could be painted yellow and sponsored by M McDonald's.

  3. Wow, jaw-dropping reflections, and beautifully photographed!

  4. The arches and reflections look like frames of a pair of glasses.

  5. Things look so different without your usual blue skies, Grace! The 1st pic does looks like glasses!

  6. You got a lot of lovely reflections on the visit to the quay. I do see those huge spectacles. They just need a couple of huge eyes.

  7. I clicked on this post and then stepped away without reading it. From about two metres away I glanced at the screen and straight away thought there is a pair of spectacles.

  8. Such great reflections. Love the bridge reflections. Have a great weekend, Grace.

  9. Without having read the post the first photo looked like a pair of glasses, lol. Great reflections Grace. Have a nice weekend.

  10. So Creative There Perth - You Amaze Me With Every Shot - Well Done


  11. Yes, I see the spectacles too. Lovely captures, great reflections, but mostly what stands out is from your last photo, your city is so artistically and stylishly designed, quite symmetrical and they are framed beautifully in that photo. Enjoy your weekend, stay safe.

  12. Yup, a pair of specs was my own first thought too. It seems to me that most modern architecture only looks its best when under sunny skies, or when lit up at night.

  13. Great shots, Grace. Oh, what will we find if or when we can come back?
    "Corinna" just makes a new big wave.
    Well, to a happy, busy weekend then! 🥰

  14. It is quite amazing what you can see in the reflections from water, the further you went away from the bridge the more they did look like specs.
    The Ruined chapel was an update as someone asked if they could purchase a photo of it. You should have picked up this blog If you visit again next week you will see the inside of one I returned to and it was quite amazing

  15. The huge spectacles are so funny, well seen!

  16. Wow, great reflections here with thanks to the bridge.

  17. Really nice looking buildings and bridges there.

  18. Awesome reflections, Grace. The spectacles created by the reflections are amazing.

  19. Interesting bridge.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  20. Hello,
    Great pictures.
    Amazing to see that beautiful bridge. You have photograph him so well with a nice reflection in the water.

    Greetings, Marco

  21. Perth has changed since I was last there. The giant spectacles are fun to look at.

  22. Stunning reflections, I do love seeing them they make a photo very special. Cheers Diane

  23. I loved that bridge! I saw a lot of online negativity about it and was passing through while it was still under construction I think but I thought it was splendid then and your photos make it look amazing. I'm turning into a bridge person 🤣

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