Thursday, July 22, 2021

'Free from the distraction of women'..



I smile each time I catch a glimpse of the gorgeous heritage listed Weld Club, 'the gentleman's club on the Esplanade was created to bring a slice of London life to the small colonial outpost of Perth. built in 1892'. Described as a place for men 'to rub shoulders with the colony's leading men free from the distraction of women and rowdy children' . I believe women are permitted now 'if they are accompanied by a member or an honorary member'. I could have so much fun with the last two italicized sentences but I'd better behave myself :) Part of me feels I should be highly affronted by the presence of this last male bastion but most of me finds it unexpectedly hilarious :) Happy Thursday, take care and stay safe.. P.s. Is there still a Men Only club in your city? 


  1. ...they are full of themselves!

  2. There are still two single-sex colleges in Cambridge University - both for women only; though of course the whole University was men-only for several centuries.

  3. Go ahead Grace. let loose.
    Neat building. Last men's only place I knew was when I lived in Virginia. They closed rather than admit ladies.
    There are gentleman's clubs all over the USA and they have women...not the kind that go to church though. I doubt any respectable lady would visit one.

  4. Times have changed in most places I think. Even all of the old single sex schools seem to be co-ed now. I went to a girl's only school for high school and that was not unusual then.

  5. A nice distraction if you ask me!

  6. I hope not. Haven’t heard of one.

  7. Personally I've always liked being distracted by women, so this club may not be for me. If they forbid women members, I would definitely look elsewhere. Grace, if you go there please be as distracting as possible.

  8. I really did not think those places still existed but I dare say there are around but I have never been in one

  9. Dearest Grace,
    No, here there is none such male only club...
    Love the building! Not its previous (?) concept.

  10. More than one here I believe but then there are similar women only clubs too.

  11. Yes these vestiges are historical and faintly ridiculous.

  12. I don't think there a gentle or lady club in my area. If they're one I wouldn't join.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  13. Yes, pooe old dears aren't likely to last much longer.

  14. Makes you roll your eyes, doesn't it? But to borrow a phrase from Groucho Marx, i wouldn't want to be part of any club that would have me.

  15. It really is amusing, no doubt they wanted to have no distractions from their wives but Im betting other women would've been welcome for a bit of fun.

  16. I'm still shocked at how much male dominance is still practiced. Annabelle Crab exploited it iin her last program about women in parliament.

  17. Grace, oh, yes. Braunschweig has a lot of "Burschenschaft"-places with their flags hanging out in pride.
    It was 19... something, we were visiting friends in Braunschweig on New Year´s Eve and with male friends you were allowed to join.
    Not fair it´s for males only, but the concept - living on low cost and after studying and getting huge money later pay back (hahaha these days) is in theory great.

  18. I am not familiar with these clubs, I think it is something of an old century, but to have a chat with your own sexes with discussing the males can be very funny...:)

  19. It's a nice building. There was something in TV recently about a men-only club in Sydney or Melbourne and they weren't too keen on admitting women :)

  20. I can't think of something like this here but I suppose there could be. I concur with your feeling of amusement. It seems such an outdated rule.

  21. Yes, last I knew Minneapolis still has a gentlemen's club, and it's all the rave for those well to do in their elite little group. Now you've gotten me curious I might have to check and see if it's still thriving with COVID and all many things never reopened.

  22. Sounds like a boring boys club. :)

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