Saturday, December 7, 2019

They're still there!

Little girl looking up 'what's that mummy?' Mum dragging eyes away from phone 'I'm not sure, an octopus I think' eyes back to phone.. little girl looks back as they walk away. A most unimaginative explanation I thought, where are the kraken and pirate ship emojis when you need them 😉 Happy Saturday, take care and stay safe.. P.s. how those plastic tentacles stay pert in 40C s a mystery to me!

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Friday, December 6, 2019

You can keep your hat on..

When is an umbrella not an umbrella, when it's used as a parasol! It was a scorcher in the city yesterday, 40 something I believe, 42C tomorrow, oh joy.. not! Never mind, it's slip! slop! slap! (cute Aussie video) time again, earlier than usual but hey c'est la vie! Good to see so many hats on heads although there were still many without.. including moi, next time for sure 😉 Happy Friday, take care and stay safe... phew :)

Thursday, December 5, 2019

A weird and wonderful landscape..

The only time to go hiking in summer is really early in the morning before the heat of the day settles in. Here we are in Ellis Brook Valley 20km south east of Perth, you can just see the city skyline way back there on the misty morning horizon. So, would you like to...

... wipe your feet please, we don't want to spread any dieback which 40% of WA's native plants are susceptible, and come along with me..

... through arches of dried branches, crossing over streams that before too long will dry up until the next rains, opening up ...

... into green once more.

Just when you begin to wonder if there is anything pretty in the bush the gorgeous soft powder-pink puff balls of the flowering gum tree appears.. there were actually many lovely native flowers along the way, but macros are Aimee's forte, I lean towards the big picture :)

Looking up the intensity of the blue sky is a sign that it is time to head back before things heat up, taking it from a pleasant hike.. to not such fun! There you are and you didn't even have to get hot and bothered :) hope you enjoyed the walk, happy Thursday, take care and stay safe..

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

A dash of colour..

Looking down to Cathedral Square from the upper level of the City of Perth Library. Love that the tables are painted in rainbow colours but a few umbrellas wouldn't go astray in summer, did I mention those relentless blue skies 😉 In an article I read today it said that if we don't change our wicked ways Melbourne and Sydney could be experiencing 50C in a few years.. imagine that 50C mon dieu! Thinking cool thoughts, happy Wednesday, take care and stay safe..

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

'An inconvenient heatwave'..

Getting broiled in the daytime
And slow-cooked at night,
Could it be that
Al Gore was right?

It has been a hot couple of days in WA with more to follow.. the sky relentlessly blue, hot winds blowing in from the desert. It's been a while since summer started on time, December usually being relatively cool. The party is over, let's have another coffee 😉 Happy Tuesday, take care and keep cool..

Monday, December 2, 2019

'It's always summer in the house of rum'..

Spotted a few weeks ago when we were at Scarborough Beach. Murals on the wall of Ocean 6019 aka Temple of the Tiki. Painted by WA based multi-disciplined artist Rach Ku whose abstract and original art is often inspired by the ocean.. super cool and so perfect for the beachy vibe at Scarborough. OMG it's officially summer and only three weeks until Christmas, I'm not ready for either, are you? Happy new week, take care and stay safe..

Sunday, December 1, 2019

All the colours of the rainbow.

Each month through 2019 has started with a colour theme for City Daily Photo bloggers around the world.. for December it is the joining of all the colours to create a rainbow image. I haven't seen an actual rainbow for a while but I did see see all of the colours here at Chatsworth Deli, once a deli now a florist, in Highgate. Combining three of my favourite things, colour, flowers and messing about with photos :) Looking forward to seeing how others have interpreted the rainbow theme, happy Sunday, take care and stay safe..

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