Saturday, May 26, 2018

Pink-eared zebra duck..

At Lake Gwelup it wasn't just that it was the first time I've seen the pretty pink-eared ducks, sometimes called the zebra duck because of its brown barred flanks.. it was seeing pairs locked together head to tail spinning round and round. At first I thought it must be some dizzying mating ritual but it turns out it is the way they feed, filtering and scooping up the disturbed organisms in their huge square-tipped grey bills. Apart from the circles created in the water it's a little hard to imagine this feeding ritual, luckily P was with me and he put together this short, and I do mean short.. 5 seconds :) video here so you can see the motion..

Above you can see that there were more than one pair, I have heard that if there is a large flock of pink-eared ducks, rotating pairs often spread far across the surface of the wetlands. What a sight that must be.. might go back and try for that shot! Then whoosh they were off! Happy weekend, it's going to be a wet one here.. take care and stay safe... 

Friday, May 25, 2018

Calm before the storm..

Fremantle may have the Cappuccino Strip but Guildford, established in 1829 has the 'antique strip' with cafes thrown in along the way for that restoring caffeine pick me up before heading back in search of that illusive treasure! It was 28C yesterday, humid with a storm brewing all day. James Street was as busy as ever. It took all day but the storm has arrived, the rain bucketing down as I type, I must remember to turn off my reticulation, it won't be needed for the next four months ☁⛆ Happy Friday, take care and stay safe.. P.s. back to Lake Gwelup tomorrow...

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Inappropriate photo-bombing :)

The last time I came to Lake Gwelup Reserve was with Aimee a few years ago after we had had a bit of autumn rain and it looked like this, completely different, have a look. I was quite pleased with my overly imaginative images.. you liked them too :) Yesterday the water in the lake was still pretty low but it looks like after today and tomorrow's storms it will be at least 70cm deeper, yes at last la pluie has arrived ☂ We received a lovely welcome to the reserve from the sweet wee willie wagtail below..

When I downloaded the shots I took yesterday the rather awkward timing of the photo-bombing Coot passing by the upturned black swan, second shot made me smile.. excusez-moi :) I saw something else yesterday that I've never seen before on any of the lakes, quite fascinating to watch, show you tomorrow.. Happy Thursday, take care and stay safe..

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

This side and that..

I might have shown this view before but each time I find myself here, as I did last week, it is  irresistibly impossible not to take another shot. Standing at the top of St Georges Terrace looking down into the city through the Barracks Arch, all that is left of the Pensioner's Barracks (scroll down to see original barracks) is one of my favourite views. In the same spot in the opposite direction across the freeway is Parliament House. I don't think the view here, constructed 1958/64 is it's best side, the Harvest Terrace side, built in 1902 is lovely, will get over there and take some pics soon. Happy Wednesday, take care and stay safe..

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Butterfly kisses..

Discovered this gorgeous mural in a car park last week in Leederville.. just before I dropped my camera and broke my wide-angle lens :(  Created by San Francisco based muralist, fine artist and art director AmandaLynn last year.. you won't regret clicking the link to see more of her incroyable work. The artist is inspired 'by the female form and spirit' and her beautifully evocative women can be seen in many cities around the world. We are lucky to have the two beauties here in our city. Happy Tuesday, take care and stay safe..

Monday, May 21, 2018

Never eat more than you can hold!

Excellent advice Ellie :) The small circles of ceramic art set into and scattered along the pathway at Hillarys Boat Harbour are little gems of seaside art created by children mostly during 2006/7, although I see bikini clad Grace below to the left is dated 2009! I tried to choose just a few of them to show but how could I possibly pick, they are all fabulous and deserve to be seen. Some have been stepped on more than others and are showing signs of wear and tear. There are many venues around Perth that encourage and include children's art in the design in some way, brilliant idea. Hope you had/are having a good weekend, happy Monday, take care and stay safe..

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Show a leg!

Haha! No not mine :) Bit of a light hearted Sunday post to make you smile. Yesterday in the garden on a warm afternoon, looked up to see a familiar leg protruding out of the 'mostly given up for winter' creeper covering the roof of P's tool shed at the bottom of the garden. Calling up, the neighbours cat, taking its time, as cats do, looked up, gave me a cursory glance and a...

...ok I'm bored now glare before carrying on with his ablutions.. charming! Looking up at him looking down on me I couldn't help remembering the quote 'in ancient times cats were worshiped as gods, they have not forgotten this :) Happy Sunday, take care and stay safe..

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