Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Aye Aye Update..


Yup that's me, dazed and a wee bit disheveled :) Popped in to let you know I'm still here and that my eye is healing each day, by the end of this week hopefully all stitched will have dissolved. The best thing about having an excellent camera is that when you point it in the right direction it almost does the job for you. I have been out and about with friends see below taking lots of spring shots to share when I get back to posting each day, which will be next week with a bit of luck.. P still editing my wordage as things like 'tyos' can happen :) Hope you are all happy and well, see you soon, take care and stay safe..

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Aye aye..

For the first time since I started the blog I have to have a proofreader, thanks P :) If you are wondering why I didn't post yesterday it was because at my regular eye check on Thursday last week it was discovered that the trabeculectomy I had on my right eye over ten years ago had developed a leak, the worry being infection getting behind the eye equals big problems. Anywho the result was immediate surgery, 30 stitches in the eyeball, I know right eeeew! The thing is until the stitches dissolve, roughly seven days, I can't see all that well, hence the proofreading. Didn't want you to worry, all is good I just have to call upon reserves of patience, very low :) and ride it out. Will see you when I can see you :) Take care and stay safe..


Friday, September 3, 2021

Winter blues..


Took these shots at Hillarys Boat Harbour last week when we were still officially in winter, it was slightly warmer then than it was yesterday in official spring with a top of 13C, the coldest spring day since.. whenever. The trees lit up in cool blue give as much of a wintry feel as we are going to get here in WA :) Hope you have a super weekend, happy Friday, take care and stay safe..

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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Come walk with me ..

Many of the pics I take when we go for a walk never see the light of day, do you find that happens also? The walk around Lake Gwelup is so pretty I thought you might like to tag along with me. This walk was on Sunday just past when the sun appeared now and then to cast shadows and reflections around and about.. yesterday there was no sign of the sun, it was a clouds and rain welcome to spring, the heat will come soon enough. Happy Thursday, take care and stay safe..

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Right under my nose..


Do you see it above? I absolutely did not until P pointed it out. The September theme for City Daily photo bloggers around the world is 'right under our nose'. While on one of our walks a few years back I strolled within an arms reach past the tawny frogmouth sitting camouflaged to the max in the crook of a paperbark tree, before P called me back to look. Described as 'one of the best examples of cryptic plumage and mimicry in Australian birds the tawny frogmouth perch low on tree branches through the day, their silvery grey plumage allows them to freeze into the form of a broken tree branch and become practically invisible'. It really was, although if you pull the shot above right in you will see that the eye is ever so slightly open looking at me.. 

I have to admit the tawny frogmouth was one of the most exciting birding finds for me because of the rarity in seeing them so close. He/she although an efficient hunter, was a darling creature, relaxing it's camouflage pose to turn and look straight at me, the expression saying it all :) Looking forward to seeing what was right under the noses of CDP'ers around the world. Happy Wednesday, take care and stay safe.. P.s. It is the first official day of spring here in Australia 🌸

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