Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Busking without music...

Last week while at Hillarys Boat Harbour I came across the 'sandcastle guy'. He was drawing quite crowd of future 'sand technicians' around him. Can you spot the construction differences in the second shot below when I came past half an hour later? It cost me $5 for these pics, what can I say.. I'm a big tipper :)

Of course everyone knows that the best thing about building sandcastles is knocking them down, and no one does that with as much panache as ma belle petite-fille below :) May you experience the joy of building and stomping on a sandcastle sometime in the very near future.. happy Tuesday, take care and stay safe...

Monday, January 30, 2017

Head in the clouds...

There were queries a few weeks ago when I posted this mural as to whether there were more pieces around town by super talented Perth artist and illustrator Paul Deej. Happily there are many 'Deej' artworks, many featured here already on the blog. Last week I came across the beauty above behind The Old Laundry Bar and Eatery on Angove Street in North Perth. The necklace featuring the black swan, the official emblem of WA, is becoming a regular feature with Deej's ladies.. check out Alice here. It does give a certain joi de vivre to an otherwise ho-hum lane way don't you think! Happy Monday, take care and stay safe...

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy Chinese New Year...

Went into the city yesterday to catch the preparations for the week of Chinese New Year festivities (27th Jan - 5th Feb).  2017 is the Year of the Rooster.. is that you, is 2017 your year? It's not mine :) The blow ups here at Elizabeth Quay were stoically holding up under the sweltering heat, which was no mean feat, I was struggling a little myself! Will head back to the city through the week to capture more of the celebrations, always enjoy the traditional Lion dance. Hope you are having a good weekend, take care and stay safe...

Saturday, January 28, 2017

An Apple a day..

 It always astounds me that whenever I walk past the Apple store on Hay St. in the city it is teeming with people.. at the desks, standing around chatting, spilling out onto the pavement in front of the shop, mesmerized by their 'devices'. I don't get it! I do get the gorgeous old building that Apple lives in (see Apple link above) and the flaming red tree reflected above and here below.. as for the rest, I'd rather eat my apple than play with it!

 The only time I've ever seen the store empty.. apart from a solitary night watchman below.. was when leaving the city at 8.30 one evening.. it looked odd :) Another scorcher today and we're off into the city to check out a bit of the Chinese New Year celebrations, always fun and photogenic! Happy weekend, take care and stay safe...

Friday, January 27, 2017

Skyworks cancelled..

For the first time in 33 years Perth Skyworks were cancelled yesterday. Early in the evening a few hours before the fireworks were due to begin, as thousands of people found vantage spots along the Swan River, one of the small planes participating in the annual aerial display crashed into the river and unfortunately although people were there within minutes the pilot and his passenger didn't survive the impact. I wasn't there but I can imagine what a shock it would have been for spectators. Out of respect for the families the fireworks were cancelled.. it was the right decision. A sad end to Australia Day in Perth. Take care and stay safe...

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Australia Day 2015..

It's possible I might not to make it to Skyworks 2017 tonight, so to celebrate Australia Day today a few shots from Skyworks 2015, you may remember.. taken using knees not a tripod :) The three amigos drinking their ale in the cool of the river might be the way to go again tonight, we're looking at 39C today.. it's going to be 'hot in the city tonight'.. go on I dare you to listen :) 

... and if you were wondering why I was absent on the blog yesterday it was because mid-way through post preparation at around 8.30pm there was an almighty thud when a young thug crashed his car into an above ground power-line pole, one of the downsides of living in an older suburb, on the corner of my street and everything went black! Big thanks to the Western Power crews who worked through the night and well into the next day to clear up live-wires and replace pole, the tragedy was trying to wake up without a hot cup of coffee :) Happy Thursday, take care and stay safe... P.s. if I make it to the fireworks tonight I'll take my tripod :) P.p.s. As much as I was furious with the 'young thug', where he came from no-one knows, thankfully he was unharmed, I feel he should be presented with a bill from Western Power for their services :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Art... on the street!

Could street art get any more 'street' than this :) In a lane abundant with art on the walls in Highgate the sploshes of paint left behind by mural artists, intentionally or accidentally, have been re-worked into comic characters. I recognized SpongeBob SquarePants above and below looking down the lane..

... his best friend Patrick Star below.

... genie summoned from his magic lamp :)

 ... and lastly this could be Looney Tunes character Gossamer, the shoes give it away :) I'm kidding.. I had no idea but it's true.. you really can find out everything on Google! They're pretty cute and creative don't you think.. made me smile anyway :) Show you more of the serious murals from this spot next Monday. Happy Tuesday, take care and stay safe...

Monday, January 23, 2017

Koorden.. strength!

Standing strong in Wellington Gardens, six strikingly dramatic skeletal figures cast in bronze make up the dramatic Aboriginal public artwork Koorden. Conceived by Noongar artist Rod Garlett, Koorden, the Noongar word meaning strength, represents 'the Noongar people of South-Western Australia and their enduring cultural traditions'. I'm not sure if the photos do it justice, in reality it has a powerful presence. I see lights on the base of each sculpture, can you imagine how amazing it would look lit up at night..you know what I'm going to say right.. must get back for that shot :) Happy Monday, take care and stay safe...


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Religious diversity..

 Although not a church-goer myself, I am always delighted to discover a church that I haven't seen before. I especially love to see the diverse range of religions practiced and accommodated for here in Perth. While in Highgate a few days ago I came across St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church. Built in 1954/5 the bell tower below in 1974, it is the first Serbian Orthodox church in WA and as such has been placed on the State Heritage Register. The copper cupolas are very similar to those of the Greek Orthodox Church in West Perth that I showed you here.The church and gardens are beautifully looked after by it's congregation who were arriving as I took these shots. Happy Sunday, take care and stay safe...

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Golden globes..

 The Edwardian Baroque facade of His Majesty's Theatre reflected in the golden globe window decor of Prada on the corner of Hay and King St. I'm sure those golden balls have been around for a while, why I haven't spotted this reflection before is surprising.. do you find that some days you are more observant than others, can't just be moi :) Happy weekend, take care and stay safe..

Friday, January 20, 2017

Dumas's Folly..

Described as a 'prominent landmark in Highgate, how is it possible that I have missed noticing the 38mt (125ft) Lincoln Street Ventilation Stack on my many visits! Built in the Art Deco Style in 1935 as a sewer vent which, under certain weather conditions, dispersed what gasses it vented over surrounding houses, phew! Closed six years later in 1941 it became known as 'Dumas's Folly' after Russell Dumas, Chief Engineer of the Public Works Department at the time. In 1941 the tower was secretly put into service as an antenna, to protect against Japanese air raids during WW11, not revealed until 1956.. you can see in the first shot there are still antennas up there. The vent is listed on the National Trust of Australia and the State Register of Heritage Places.. it may have been unsuccessful in some ways but served stoically in others.. and then there's the Art Deco factor :) Happy Friday, take care and stay safe.. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Lunch at the Indiana..

  Yesterday I took a good friend to the Indiana, formerly the Indiana Tea House for her birthday. You've seen the Indiana before but it's almost impossible to visit and not take photos.. especially when the sea is a stunning turquoise blue, so beautiful it almost makes one forget about the sharks :) Described as 'an iconic WA landmark located on the pristine white sands of Cottesloe beach, offering diners uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean from all tables'.. Is it just me or does this building evoke memories of colonial times! It was a sunny, cloudy at times 25C, encore today, perfect! Happy Thursday, take care and stay safe... 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Anonymous Circle..

As soon as I saw the sculpture above in the garden outside Crown it felt familiar and although I couldn't find any details to identify the sculptor or verify my feeling it does look as if it would feel right at home sitting by the sea during Sculpture by the Sea on Cottesloe beach. Take a look here, would fit right in don't you think? Now that I come to mention it :) it's not long before this years Sculpture by the Sea.. are you looking forward to it.. I am! Happy Wednesday, take care and stay safe..P.s. love the red and yellow kangaroo paws against the sculpture shimmering in the sun.. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Flop-dop up a tree!

What a funny pair of parrots dozing up a tree,
Two more flew in and then there were ..four!

A poet I am not :) Walking under the trees at Hillarys Boat Harbour I spotted two corellas dozing high in the trees, pointing my camera up to take some shots, no long lens unfortunately.. it didn't take long before the family of English visitors below came to see what was up! I know right, it's time to get back to the city :) Happy Tuesday, take care and stay safe... P.s. if you pull the shots in you will see that despite the goings on below them, they really were flop-dop asleep :)

Monday, January 16, 2017

She wore lemons in her hair..

When unsuccessfully searching for a particular piece of street art in Highgate last week I came across this beauty by Perth mural artist and illustrator Paul Deej.. I took pics of this one a few years ago but was delighted by the concept and positioning of it all over again looking as fresh as it did when it was first painted. What's that expression 'when life throws you lemons, take a picture of them' .. that's the photographer's version :) Happy Monday, take care and stay safe...

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Nesting in Hyde Park..

The trees in Hyde Park never fail to captivate, especially the Plane trees arching over to shade the path that runs alongside the lake. On Thursday while walking through the park I spotted the nesting boxes high up in the leafy treetops.. placed there to encourage peep-wrens (pardalotes) and bats to breed in the park. The peep-wrens are so sweet, not so much the bats :) and according to the link could be breeding, I think I might have to take a book, a flask of coffee and channel my inner (birding) patience to see if I can capture some shots! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, take care and stay safe.. P.s. I should probably add a tripod to the list of birding necessities :)

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Summertime blues..

Reflected in the window of Little C's, the family beach at Hillarys Boat Harbour. When I took these shots on Wednesday it was 35C. Ahhh! Summer in Perth, so much easier to take when near the ocean! For those in the northern hemisphere I hope my summer shots warm you up as much as your beautiful winter scenes cool me down. Bon weekend, take care and stay safe...