Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hat trick of WA artistic talent..

Back in March this year three talented WA artists worked together on a wall off Beaufort Street in Mt. Lawley, here is the result. The first section above by Melski, 'the creative mind behind the laneway collective, bringing local street artist and wall owners together'. Since it's beginnings back in Feb 2014 there's been many a walls covered. Below the amazing portrait piece by Fieldey.. River Phoenix, James Dean and Marlon Brando, all three would have loved Perth :)

Last but by no means least the work of Brenton See who uses the shapes 'to represent feelings, emotions or experiences, the branch represents growth, change and the process of aging and animals that are generally large, graceful and unbothered by anything around them'..

An otherwise tres banal wall in a car park brought to life by colour and form, what do you think? I'm hoping your weekend has been so much better than mine, I spent a good part of it in bed with flu, just beginning to feel human again.. and I had soo much I wanted to do, ah well, c'est la vie! Happy Monday, take care and stay safe...
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The sun is shining and le sky is bleu.. happy Sunday!

How cool was that.. a parking spot right in front of the cafe! Only kidding, that's not really my snazzy sports car parked out there on Beaufort Street but I tell you what, when the owner did appear and jump into his car I was so close, I would have loooved to have been confident enough to call out to him and take a shot.. let's just say this sporty vehicle suited it's flamboyant owner parfaitement! In Mt. Lawley on a mission we passed Dogman and Rabbit Girl all decked out in scarves, WA's two main footy team scarves, and I thought it was just because it was getting cold :) the Fremantle Dockers are top of the league and the West Coast Eagles are 4th I think, only half way through the season though! Hope you're having a super weekend, happy Sunday, Take care and stay safe..

Saturday, June 27, 2015

140 Comes Alive..

The city was abuzz with colour and hungry crowds on Thursday evening to celebrate the launch of 140 Comes Alive. Aimee works in the 140 William St. building, how she deals with so many temptations on street level I can't imagine! Let's begin at the beginning and what better way to begin than chocolate.. it keeps me calm :) Interesting to see that as chilly as the weather gets in the evening in winter there is still the odd tee shirt amongst the coats and scarves..

Then into American style NYC diner East Village for a super delicious cheeseburger.. btw it's not as big as it looks :)

What the Flip! and Ribs & Burgers...

Not sure why but this was my own fav shot for the night.. Wassup Dog, one of the pavement food trucks cooking up a storm.. All this was and is going on around 140 William, pretty cool right! Bon weekend, take care and stay safe...

Friday, June 26, 2015

'Wot about the chips' !

I was totally out of my comfort zone taking these shots on Wednesday evening. Disappointed at missing the full sunset looking up I spotted a bit of action going on at the top of the lighthouse. On the viewing level I had to lean back to take these shots of an Osprey ravenously tucking into a fish of some sort, see it's tail sticking out there, looks like a biggie. Being up high was nervy enough but leaning backwards nearly put me over the edge :) From this angle it looks like the lighthouse could do with a bit of a rust-proof paint touch-up!

So engrossed in its fish feast frenzy it took a minute for the Osprey to wonder what was going on below, there was a lot bit of hrrrumphing going on (by moi) much to the amusement of the three young ladies leaning over the edge taking selfies.. leaning over edges high up seems a ridiculous thing to do right! Then I got the glare.. 'sup down there :)

Surveying his hunting grounds...

Birds eye view of the marina, not too shabby..

Looking back.. rule #coming right after rule #look up :) It was about 5.45p.m. and the lighthouse beam shone out to sea. Winter solstice in the southern hemisphere occurred a few days ago, the days will begin to get longer, so far Perth hasn't had much of a winter, but there's still time! Happy Friday, take care and stay safe...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Too late she cried!

I have the undeserved reputation for always being late.. don't believe it it's just not true! I don't do sunsets very often but for no particular reason yesterday evening I had a fancy to catch the sun going down from atop the lighthouse at Hillarys Marina. Here's the thing, I live literally five minutes from the marina, I knew sunset was at 5.20 and yet there I was tearing up the pier towards the lighthouse like a madwoman yelling waaaaait! Of course it didn't.. I was three minutes late from the time the sun hit the horizon until it disappeared, pffft! Not bad sky colours though and because I followed the photographers handbook rule #look up, I did catch an unexpected surprise.. but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what it was :) Happy Thursday, take care and stay safe...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I am dinosaur hear me roar!

After a wet, wild and windy weekend the blue skies have returned for a while.. still a bit chilly, top of 18C today, my favourite kind of day.. not bad for the middle of winter! I understand that dinosaurs are big news right now but every-time I walk past The Great Escape at Hillarys Boat Harbour I can't help wondering if the moving, roaring dinosaur up there isn't a bit scary, I'm guessing not or he would have been banished back into extinction.. kids are tough these days :) Here's wishing you blue skies and a happy day, take care and stay safe... p.s. rooaaaar :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Farewell Freo.. for a while!

A few final shots from my trip to Fremantle last week when the weather was so much warmer than it is right now.. 3C overnight brrr! Above, crossing Esplanade Park, up ahead the Tourist Wheel, fabulous views out over the harbour and despite my morbid fear of heights I did take that 40metre high trip and can confirm the views are indeed fab! Below an equine weather vane atop a rather splendid row of  apartments on Cliff St. tres stylish oui..

 The 'Ten Arches' on a heritage facade in Cliff Street below, commissioned by the City for the Fremantle Festival, created by Julian Poon.. the religious themed work won the young artist the 2012  Mandorla Youth Art Award..

Have you ever tried to play a Didgeridoo? Take a look here.. check out the stomach muscle control, incroyable! So much puff required, I wonder if they give out free respirators with the free lessons :)

I leave you with this odd and slightly macabre image :) will tell you where I took it the next time I'm down in Fremantle.. it's a brilliant space and deserves a more detailed post... curious? Happy Tuesday, take care and stay safe...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Certificate of Exemption.. Guido van Helten.

This amazing work on Fitzgerald Street in North Perth by Brisbane artist Guido van Helten was inspired by the image below of an Afghan camaleer on a 'Certificate of Exemption from Dictation Test' dated 1916. Perhaps I should have waited for a brighter day to take the shot but somehow the dark clouds overhead were symbolic of the early 1900's when the White Australian Policy came into being. One hundred years later Australia is a thriving multi cultured country, although there will always be those who think they are superior. I'm of the opinion that people who feel they are superior are without exception.. not! Well that was a bit of a serious start to the week, cheering up tomorrow :) Happy Monday, take care and stay safe..


Saturday, June 20, 2015

La pluie.. at last!

As they say in the movies... two minutes earlier Lil and Lol were strolling along the pier, stopping occasionally to take a scenic selfie.. catching a glimpse of the sky behind them they realized they had roughly 60 seconds to sprint back to their car before la pluie raged down from the skies upon them.. I would like to have seen that selfie :) It was fun watching them while sitting cosily in San Churros at Hillarys Boat Harbour. Looks like a stormy weekend ahead in Perth, j'adore! Think of me working my way through the ten films français I purchased last week for a mere $20. What are you up to this weekend? Enjoy and stay safe.. p.s. had a bit of fun with the first shot :)
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Friday, June 19, 2015

Smart Arts.. Hom(m)age to Africa!

You may or may not know that I spent a good many years of my life growing up in central Africa.. Zimbabwe and Zambia, followed by a few years in UK before settling here in Perth. Most people leave Africa with a substantial collection of wood carved animals and copper ornaments to remind them of time spent on the dark continent.. we travel light :) Searching for a new piece of canvas art to brighten up the recently refreshed red wall, I came across the brilliant Smart Arts Gallery in Fremantle and after seeing Jack's fab photos of zebras taken while in S.Africa I thought the contrast of black & white would be perfect. I spotted the hand-painted work below while perusing Smart Arts website, that's my painting being wrapped above, merci beaucoup for your help Johnny, I'll be back.. the VW Camper van to the right is kinda cool! Happy Friday, take care and stay safe..

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pietro Giacomo Porcelli.. the sculptor and the sculptor..

Fremantle has always had a strong Italian community right from the early days. Pietro Giacomo Porcelli who emigrating to WA with his father in 1898 went on to create many impressive sculptures around the city including the Peace Memorial in 1925, considered by some to be his finest work. How fitting then that one of our own most accomplished sculptors Greg James, you might recognize some of his work here, was chosen to sculpt a memorial commissioned by the Italian community to honour signor Porcelli which sits in Kings Square. The details are a joy! Is it just me or is this week zipping past, happy Thursday, take care and stay safe...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Phillimore Street Fremantle..

When you come to Perth a visit to the port city of Fremantle is absolutely essential, in fact I'd recommend staying a night or two, there's a lot to see there. If you're into heritage buildings.. and who isn't :) Fremantle has streets of splendid old beauties, Phillimore Street (excellent link) being one of the best.. wonder if I can find any old pics of what it looked like before the roads were laid..

Built in 1902 Elder House on the corner above, initially the home of the Fremantle Harbour Trust and the Royal Australian Navy Intelligence Headquarters during WW11, not really sure what it's used for now, looks pretty quiet.. but can you just imagine the hustle and bustle of activity going on back then.  Below, built in 1908, red doors to the right, the Old Fire Station, now the Old Fire Station Backpackers, good reviews.

Couldn't resist one more shot.. below to the left can you guess what the round structure by the lamppost is? Built in 1924 it's a ... horse trough! I really have to find some old photographs! Happy Wednesday, take care and stay safe... p.s. check the Phillimore St. link, so good! p.p.s. took these last week, don't think the skies are going to be so blue for the next few days :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Big El's and The Cure, Mexican & Irish side by side!

Back on the streets of Northbridge.. just for a change :) sitting side by side on Francis St. the colourful duo Big El's above and The Cure below. If it's Latin American fusion/Mexican you're after Big El's the go, haven't heard or read a bad review yet. How cool is the Mexican Dia de Muertos influenced painting by Perth artist Destroy, there's another beauty inside I believe, will have to check it out! With the colder weather heading our way it might be a bowl of beef and Guinness stew that takes your fancy, or maybe just a hearty pint of Guinness without the stew..sláinte! Hope your week is off to a good start, take care and stay safe...