Saturday, October 31, 2020

Bountiful bubbles..


I really hope you aren't getting sick of Lensball shots yet, talk about a child with a new toy, that's me, not so much the child bit :) I couldn't believe this treasure trove of possibility was only five minutes from home and in the most unexpected of places. I'm not going to tell you where yet, except that I had to climb for it and battle the wind.. will reveal for Monday Murals. A little tip for anyone who might try using a lens ball, I found a clear glass jar with an opening wide enough to sit the ball firmly in worked really well.. still learning 😉 Hope you have a wonderful weekend, take care and stay safe..

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Friday, October 30, 2020

Shiver me timbers!


Blimey! That's no way for a seafaring pirate to end his days, not a kraken in sight! I came across my one and only nod to Halloween quite unexpectedly a few evenings ago while walking along the West Coast Road. My only participation in this event is handing out a few lollies on the night note to myself to make sure I have them, however others take it much more seriously, two levels of spider web and mumma spider serious :)  

I love that even though it was already pretty replete with pirate carcasses and the like the owner below felt more finishing touches were needed :)

The young boy below about to cross the road unaware of the dangerous mega arachnid giving no quarter awaiting on the other side.. the dog however looked pretty skittish 😉 I'm a day early I know but happy Halloween anyway.. take care and stay safe..

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Bleu et bleu..


One of my favourite sculptures at Hillarys Boat Harbour is the 5.8m high Wind Rose, the centre covered in tiny blue mosaic tiles which illuminate at night. This Wind Rose 'represents the average wind velocity recorded daily at 3pm', not only beautiful but functional also! Took these shots yesterday after lunch, looking back I can't help noticing a predominance of blue in my pics, will make an effort to mix it up and diversify today :) Happy Thursday, take care and stay safe..

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Daily constitutional..


Well maybe not daily but quite often :) It's such a beautiful walk along the West Coast Road aka the Sunset Coast drive, these shots taken around 5.30 yesterday evening. Not that I need a reason other than the gorgeous ocean views to take this beach-side walk but yesterday I did have an ulterior motive, show you in a few days.. 🎃 that was a clue :) Happy Wednesday, take care and stay safe..

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Flora and fauna.. the soul of every site..


Spotted on our last walk around Herdsman Lake, a mural by multi disciplinary Perth artist Melski McVee depicting the flora and fauna that inhabits/grows around this freshwater lake.. although I don't see any sign of the tiger snake, seen  here, that I almost stood on when there 😉 The artist, whose work you have seen many times here and on Sami's blog, reflects 'the cultural and historic elements of the locations in which they are painted' and almost always involve community participation. Happy Tuesday, take care and stay safe..

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Monday, October 26, 2020

Endless blues..


'The optimism of an endless horizon and blue skies ahead'.. Michael Kors.

Yesterday was one of those unexpected in spring 35C days. The medley of blues, my favourite colour, and the sea breezes are just two of the joys of  living by the Indian Ocean 💙 Ten degrees cooler for the rest of the week.. perfect! These shots taken on Sorrento Beach, five minutes from home. Hope you had/are still having a good weekend, happy Monday take care and stay safe..  

Saturday, October 24, 2020

A bunch of bubbles..


I mentioned yesterday that while in the city we made our way to Elizabeth Quay.. with the lensball :) It's so much fun but I need a lot more practice with the artsy pics. You can see what a gorgeous day it was, more on the way this weekend, 30/34C. The funny thing is that in the middle to the end of summer those temps would be considered a cooler day, but after winter and spring those temps are going to take a bit of getting used to again! Time to get the bathers out :) Hope you have a lovely weekend, take care and stay safe..

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Friday, October 23, 2020

Spring is still in the air..


In the city yesterday for the first time in a while we walked to Elizabeth Quay via my favourite St Georges Terrace. I was surprised and delighted to see the entrance to Brookfield Place off the terrace bedecked with a beautifully vibrant floral display. With one more official month of spring it's nice to see the city still in the mood :) The last two shots looking up and down the terrace. I'm happy we went, next week this pretty display will be gone 🌸 Happy Friday, take care and stay safe..

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Pick me up and play..


How many of you could do that! The notice hanging next to the guitar inviting anyone with musical talent and inclination to pick it up and play. Being totally devoid of musical talent that would not be moi :) but I was a little sad that, even though the coffee was excellent, no one took up the offer while we were in the Broody Hen Coffee Shop last week. The last time you saw the Broody Hen was HERE.  Heading into the city today, it's been a while. Happy Thursday, take care and stay safe.. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Working for their dinner..


I'm pretty lucky to have these guys fill in for me on days when I don't get out and about with my camera, I make them work for their dinner :) Sitting on the lawn yesterday afternoon the birds, galahs, corellas, doves and rainbow lorikeets came so close to me that I could have reached out and touched them. I hadn't noticed before that the rainbow lorikeets hop about the lawn as if they are on mini Pogo sticks, comical to watch. Apart from a flutter of wings here and there they feed in companionable silence, we could learn a thing or two. Happy Wednesday, take care and stay safe..

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

"The most important part of the body is the brain"..


     "Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly"  Frida Kahlo..

I can only think of one other female that is portrayed around the world as much as Queen Victoria and that is one of the most inspirational women of the 20th century Frida Kahlo. Enduring much pain and tragedy in her short 47 year life she said "I am not sick I am broken, but I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint". There are a few Frida portraits around Perth, here most appropriately on the wall of Plata Bonita who are 'committed to sourcing unique and stylish silver jewellery from the Southern Region of Mexico.' Painted by Perth based artist Susan Respinger it couldn't have found a more worthy home, I am definitely going back and inside the next time we pass this way, so many incredible treasures within :) Happy Tuesday, take care and stay safe.. P.s. thank you so much for all the lovely birthday wishes yesterday, from now on I am going to start counting backwards 😉

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Monday, October 19, 2020

Art, art and more art..


It was my birthday last week and my family, knowing how much I love art, put in a substantial amount for me to spend at the Art Upmarket held in Winthrop Hall at UWA on Saturday. The perfect venue for such an occasion as the university is an architectural piece of art itself. As you can see below even though WA is Covid free there was a queue, only so many people admitted into the hall at one time. Oh my gosh there was so much fabulous art.. so much so that my Libra trait of indecision kicked in and I came away with nothing.. much to Aimee's annoyance I blame any indecisive moment on my star sign 😉    

I wasn't sure if the artists participating would appreciate me taking pics which gave me time to absorb the talent. Aimee did however come away with a gorgeous new piece of art for her wall, in the meantime I will enjoy the anticipation of a future fabulous purchase. The shot below I couldn't resist, two dogs of similar sausage shape but completely different in size and girth :) It's quite something to hear a Basset hound bark, so deep! Hope you had/are still having a good weekend, take care and stay safe..

Saturday, October 17, 2020

'Allo ducky..


On a walk around Tomato Lake on Thursday I spotted for the first time a pair of pink-eared ducks, a pretty pair they were with their stripes and black, with a dot of pink eye patches. Their large spatulate bills perfect for scooping up the multitude of organisms in the lake..

Tomato Lake, so called because because years ago when it dried out for summer some of the locals successfully grew tomatoes in it, is a fauna reserve and an excellent spot to take pics of the many  species of birds that inhabit the lake area, like the baby fuzz balls below gorging on the duckweed along the perimeter of the lake.. they looked so cute coming up all covered in green..

Floating home. There were three eggs under this female.. so P told me, I wasn't quick enough to catch that shot :)

A Nankeen night heron below trying to catch a nap.. looks like it's still keeping an eye on things! 

 Beauty and the beast.. not sure what it is about the ibis but they give me the creeps!

I wondered if they were ever cute, like when they were chicks.. but nup :)

A mudlark, or it could be a magpie.. not sure about all that green stuff :)

A few ducky shots and a grumpy willy wagtail to end off this slightly overloaded post :) Hope your weekend works out the way you hoped. I'm off to an Art Market today at Winthrop Hall, looking forward to it so much. Happy weekend, take care and stay safe..

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