Friday, October 16, 2020

Planned burning..


On our way home yesterday I took a few shots to show the city and surrounding areas engulfed in smoke. From April to October each year on days when the weather is appropriate the WA Government organizes Planned Burning in bushfire prone areas. Planned burning describes 'deliberately burning a predetermined area under appropriate environmental conditions to reduce fuel loads (the vegetation and dead plant material that can burn in a fire). Planned burns are undertaken under mild and stable weather conditions so that the fire burns slowly and is controllable with low flame heights'..

Asthma sufferers and people with other breathing difficulties are forewarned and I imagine at these times it isn't pleasant for them and they have to take extra care, but for the devastation major summer bush fires can cause the planned burn offs are essential in a State where the summer temperatures can reach the mid 40C and higher. Below exiting the Graham Farmer tunnel into the mist :) Are planned burn offs something that happens in your part of the world? Happy Friday, take care and stay safe..


  1. ...a spooky things after the wildfires of last year.

  2. You think they might be able to find a day when the wind wasn't blowing towards the city. The only thing remotely like that in the UK is the controlled burning of heather on some of the grouse moors in the N of England and Scotland. This is to clear areas for new heather growth which is the preferred food of the young Grouse. Then they shoot them.

  3. As long as it's carefully done, it can mitigate problems down the line.

  4. I'm not aware of that happening here to any extent, Grace. Fires here tend to be forest fires rather than bush fires so I'm not sure if that would work.

  5. Same Here And Its Always Full Of Chaos - Will Never Understand But Thats Just Me - Great Shot Of The City - Be Well And Travel On


  6. Something California and the USDA Forestry Service needs to do in the Western USA.

  7. Other places need to do planned burning as well. Each year the fires seem to get worse. Keep safe Diane

  8. Gosh looks like California! In Hawaii, we used to burn the cane fields as part of the farming process. It was part of life. As new people came in, and the plantations began to close one by one, it became a memory. I feel proud that I had the chance when diving to be behind a "Slow Moving Cane Truck"

  9. I've never heard of control fires here but a few years ago we had some grouse fires which took quite a bit of time to put out.

  10. Dearest Grace,
    Well, Australia, as well as Canada has been mentioned as an example of proper forestry management. That indeed means, taking care of the underbrush so it will not cause a major bush- or wildfire!
    Smoke is temporarily and with the timely warning, nobody suffering from Asthma or else, needs to be near it...

  11. They certainly are and was it last year we were engulfed in smoke for a few days. What is interesting is that in certain parts of Australia, say south west Tasmania that have never seen a fire have so recently. How much preventative burning can we do?

  12. I’ve seen planned burns of fields, such as areas where bushes are cropping up. Lots of regulations about where, when and how it has to be done too.

  13. The smoke must be unpleasant, and for those with breathing problems deadly. Hope you can enjoy good air quality for the next seven months.

  14. By the way, I do not notice wind here unless it is 30 mph or higher. Here the wind blows all the time.

  15. Yes they happen here quite often and I bet they will be happening more because of how dry it's been. I believe this was our driest summer on record.

  16. Our country is just too small for such experiments. It would disappear total.

  17. Wise thing to do burning it down controlled. Still a bit scary to me, Grace.
    We have special days (in the country) where people are allowed to burn their woods. Luckily. Otherwise you just hung your washed clothes and tadaaa, wash again!

  18. We don't have bushfires here, only sometimes some moorland, but it is too cold here for fires.

  19. This reminded me of my first ever trip Down Under when they were burning the sugar cane fields. Fires are still bad in the US apparently. The air quality has been horrible.

  20. It's funny how different states have different names for things. In NSW we have controlled burns or hazard reduction burns ... I have never heard them called planned burns (though that is clearly what they are).

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