Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Brass monkey weather..


I'm pretty sure most of you will have heard the expression 'cold enough to freeze the.. ' I'll let you read the rest HERE  :) That's the kind of weather we have had here the past week, winter has hit with a blast of cold, super chilly lows in the morning and evenings. In the words of our Premier posted on his social media “Who says Perth doesn’t get cold?” He then followed up with a comment: “To all our friends around the world: we know this is not that cold. Just let us have this one.” :) When I look at the temps for the rest of the week the realization that we are a bunch of wooses becomes obvious :) Happy Wednesday, take care and stay safe.. P.s. on the beach, one determined walker and one windblown photographer :)


Wednesday: 5-17C, partly cloudy

Thursday: 5-17C, mostly sunny

Friday: 5-18C, partly cloudy

Saturday: 6-20C, partly cloudy

Sunday: 8-21C, shower or two

Monday: 12-19C, showers


  1. The sky looks like here in Michigan. We are having a blast of cold today,
    3C this morning and 18C now. The twisters nearby and in Indiana and Illinois contributed to the cold.

  2. Nice moody photos, Grace. Stay warm!

  3. I sure thought of another Brass Monkey and am in for a beer, Grace!
    Just sat on the balcony in a t-shirt. 17C was too cold - actually it was the annoying neighbor who needed to take a phone call in the garden, an endless one.

    Beautiful pics.

    Ingo downloaded a video of Freo and laughed his head off as I instantly recognized Little Creatures from inside.
    Now I crave a pizza, too!
    To little naked men 🤣

  4. That is nice and warm, a little like it is here at the moment and we are in summer

  5. Pretty much the same as midsummer in England, 6 to 16 degrees today. Our brass monkeys are made of sterner stuff! Your photographs certainly look chilly though.

  6. Complaining about the cold? What a bunch of light weights. These temperatures might require a light jacket or a sweatshirt. We are happy when our winter temps get up to -10C. Lovely photos with the sea steaming.

  7. I do really enjoy your captures here, even if it's not the best of weather for you. Funny thing I was just reflecting on how wonderful it felt not to be experiencing our cold winter climate, I do this a lot, must be thankful when we can. In hopes of a gentle new winter coming not too far away for us, hehehehe!

  8. Not your usual blue skies and water, Grace! It is a pleasant 17˚C here right now and I must admit that I put on a long sleeve t-shirt but most people are in short sleeves. It all depends on what you are accustomed to.

  9. 5C And Your On The Beach, You Legend You - Gorgeous Views As Well There Perth - Keep Those Kidneys And Neck Warm - Stay Strong


  10. may be cold, but those images are gorgeous.

  11. Brrr...those temps gave me a little chill. Those ranges sound a lot like December temps here. Those photos are great. I love that moody sky and sea.

  12. Looks like a good wash to get rid of the salt spray was needed once you were home.

  13. Beautiful shots.

    That's hoodie weather, not more.

  14. Never heard the term "Brass Monkey Weather"
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  15. You have the same tempertures as we have! It is summertime here!

  16. Those temps are my favourite temps! Cool at night and warm during the day. Your beach shots are some of my favourite you’ve shared, Grace.

  17. Dearest Grace,
    Nothing to complain about for winter weather!
    About the same as here with our subtropical climate.

  18. It's been pretty much the same here too, 4 deg celsius this morning, very crisp