Sunday, October 6, 2019

One of those moments..

Have you ever gone to a cafe just because you've seen something cute pop up on your Facebook page? The gentleman in the top hat and mustache popped up on mine and lured me in, and as the cafe in question is only fifteen minutes away what could I do but go and drink him :) Moments Cafe in Joondalup turned out to be so much more than a cute face on my coffee crema, excellent lunch and super friendly service. P got a 🐱:) If I made you smile my work is done, happy Sunday, take care and stay safe..


  1. It was a worthwhile trip after all, Grace. :) Is that the face of the man from monopoly? I think he was known as Rich Uncle Pennybags.

  2. Yes that looks like the Monopoly man! Always a pleasure to be with you Grace

  3. Not my cup of coffee, but it makes for a fun photo!

  4. Now that is creative! I'd be going there myself just to get a coffee. Mrs. M would love it also. I'm afraid a visit to Oz is just a bit too far.

  5. A delicious cup of coffee! Have a wonderful Sunday.

  6. Your job was done. Patterns seem to have disappeared hear........ah, maybe that is because I drink black coffee and don't see them.

  7. With that smile on the 2nd coffee, I doubt I would finish it soon :)

  8. You got a great big smile here. These are wonderful.
    I wish this were more of a thing here. The best I've had was a beautiful heart on a cappuccino in Dublin. It made my day.

  9. You did make me smile! Thanks!

  10. Bill Burke is right on the money. It is Monopoly Man, but I do not recognize the cat. Must be a terrific cafe.

  11. You made me smile very big, Grace, and even if I´m more the tea-person.... next time I have to have a cat there :-)

  12. Made me smile. I haven't seen much interesting art like this on the coffee lately, just the traditional squiggles.

  13. Love them, it would have lured me in as well. Hope you are well Diane

  14. And happy Sunday to you. Hope the coffee taste as good as it looks.

  15. They look so cute, a pity to drink them...

  16. I have never seen this done...and it puzzles me how it is accomplished...

  17. Very creative barista :) What a pity I don't drink coffee, as I would go for the cat of course.

  18. I am always in awe of these guys making those intricate faces........ and now I hear they take your photo and can replicate that on the coffee.

  19. Cute! Too bad I don't drink coffee.

  20. Wonderful coffee art :)

    All the best Jan

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