Friday, October 18, 2019

Emerging mystery..

Walking along Oxford Street in Mount Hawthorn yesterday we came across the bronze sculpture here of a man in a hard hat emerging from a manhole in the pavement. Poor chap was covered in cobwebs and a splodge of paint! As hard as I tried couldn't find out what he had been doing down there before climbing out of the manhole or who sculpted him doing so.. all I do know is that the thought of being underground with only a small hole to squeeze back out of made me feel proper claustrophobic 😉 Happy Friday, take care and stay safe..


  1. ...what a tough way to earn a living!

  2. It is hard work in the mine!
    It is not a safe job and they always fear for their lives!
    Have a nice Friday too!
    Thank you for the hugs!
    I sent you hugs back, from the Netherlands! 🌷💖

  3. Does he have any legs down there, I'm wondering.

  4. All I can think of is that poor guy, stuck there forever. I hope passersby are nice to him.

  5. I like this too, very unique and creative. Thinking outside the hole. :)

  6. He was so involved in his work he became petrified. It is a really neat statue. We often forget about utility workers who go down the man holes.

  7. That is a great sculpture, just hope no one trips over it.

  8. I agree with Marie Smith: Unique and very Perthian.

  9. Great , Thanks a lot for the post.

  10. Oh, Grace, you made me laugh again with already your second sentence! :-)
    And the third.
    It reminds me of when I went to a book store on third floor in a shopping centre here - the escalators had glassed walls, it was horrible!
    I asked the cash-out girl where the lift was as I´,m afraid of heights and she said she has no idea as she cannot use the lift as she is claustrophobic.
    We had to meet, huh?! LOL :-)

  11. That looks scary, you feel the need to help the poor guy coming up indeed!

  12. Hello Grace,
    This is so funny. A very nice statue.
    I think when you walk there by evening and you are not really known there, that you are shocked. So funny!!

    Best regards,

  13. i have worked in those situations sometimes... cool find! ew :)

  14. it reminds me of a statue in New York of a man who hails a taxi in front of a building. I'd have to put it online someday

  15. hohoho I like it!
    I've been down under the sidewalk in a hole like that when I worked at the gas co. Scary but it was part of my job and I managed it OK.


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