Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Too late she cried....!!!"

I went down to the Marina (Sorrento Quay) yesterday evening to see if I could catch a quick shot of a glorious sunset, there was one but unfortunately it didn't wait for me, slipping down below the skyline just as I arrived, I misjudged the time by about 20 minutes. Not to be put off I walked over the bridge to the cafe side of the harbour to see what the locals were up to on this chilly evening.  Well as expected the ice cream parlour was empty apart from the owners looking a bit disgruntled, definitely not a night for ice cream (11 degrees!!).  Meanwhile round the corner........  San Churro (san churro) was humming!!  I think it's a world wide franchise so I'm betting you all will have tasted for yourself the many chocolate delights within a San Churro, the hot chocolate drink, perfect for a chilly night, is excellent!  I stopped in and picked up three different types of chocolate cake to take home, thus ensuring my status as 'best mum' for at least one more night!!


  1. The icecream hub looks quite stark with glowing colour! Love the softer ambience in the second photo!

  2. We don't have a San Churro here in Adelaide
    (what a pity) - three different types of chocolate cake sounds delectable!

  3. Oh my, chocolate cake. That sounds perfrect right about now.

  4. I haven't seen one in Sydney either but enjoyed their hot chocolate when I was last in Melbourne.

  5. Haven't seen them in Sydney either. Haven't tried churro but would very much like to.

    Why can't I comment by logging in to my google account, it keeps taking me back to the login screen. Have to do it as name/url.

  6. What a wonderful and sweet tasteing mean to measure time.

    Please have you all a good Tuesday.

    daily athens

  7. Time to close up the ice cream store.

  8. Can't believe you don't have one in either Adelaide or Sydney, it's usually Perth that's behind with new ideas!

    You would love them Ann, just like long donuts that you dip in hot chocolate, so very yummy!!

    Chocolate is always a good way to pass the time Robert.

    You are not wrong Jack, makes me shiver just thinking about it!!

  9. What we wouldn't do for 11 degrees. Should be 37 here today, but then we are in opposite hemispheres. The only time we've been to Australia was in August ant it was pleasant all around.

  10. Did someone say "ice cream parlor?"
    Send me a piece of cyber birthday cake on June 14th!
    They I'll call you the best CDP blogger for the day!
    : - )

  11. We're just out of a three month period of 35 and over Bob, so I know what you mean.

    Hmmmm! June 14th you say Leif.

    That AND chocolate are mt downfall Randy.

  12. I've never heard of a San Churro here in Italy, but I would like to have a hot chocolate now.

  13. great photography and.. cakes I imagine

  14. I do not know waht a San Churro is, but I trust you about it!

  15. The last sentence made me smile! :-) The colours on the top shot are great but the atmosphere of the place below is much more invinting on a cold night.

  16. Such wonderful photos-
    and a nice moment.
    I can smell the baking!

    Aloha from Waikiki :)

    Comfort Spiral




  17. Oh I just love the colourful first shot.

  18. Looks like my kind of place! Nothing better than a good cup of hot chocolate on a cold night.

  19. There is HEAPS of stores in Sydney!!

    The San Churro (an Australian owned and operated company) is located in:

    Shop 5/84 Campbell Parade,
    Bondi Beach, NSW. 2026

    Shop 609 - Level 6, Westfield Chatswood
    1 Anderson Street,
    Chatswood, NSW. 2067

    47 Glebe Point Road,
    Glebe, NSW. 2037

    Shop C016 - Level 1, Macarthur Square Shopping Centre,
    200 Gilchrist Drive,
    Campbelltown, NSW. 2560

    Shop G107 - Ground Level, Westfield Miranda,
    600 Kingsway,
    Miranda, NSW. 2228
    p 02 9531 5892

    287 Church Street,
    Parramatta, NSW. 2150

  20. Bummer. But the colours in your first photo make a fabulous pseudo-sunset!


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