Tuesday, December 10, 2019

A bit of a rant!

When you park like a tool you make people mad.
When you make people mad they write you notes.
When they write you notes they're wasting their time.
When they waste their time they get more mad.
Or is it madder?
Now they're doubting their grammar.
Don't make people doubt their grammar.

I was seriously tempted to leave it. It drives me mad when some people think that the yellow lines don't apply to them, especially at the moment when parking is premium.. last spot in the car park and P had to climb over to the passenger side to get out. Of course there is always another solution, we could catch the train into the city 😉 What bugs you enough to leave a rude note? Happy Tuesday, take care and stay safe.. P.s my foot is a wee bit broken!


  1. I would be inclined to write a note with a lot more swear words, but that's because I'm not a nice person. :)

    Take it easy with the foot.

  2. Long Ago I Was Able To Find A Little Compassion For These Kinds Of Folks. You See, I Am Very Fortunate For Understanding Spatial Awareness And I Personally Took That For Granted. Many Drivers Have No Concept For The Dimensions Of Their Own Automobile. This Used To Fluster Me In A Big Way. But Now, I Am Simply Thankful That They Didn't Side Swipe My Car And Drive Away. As For The Note, Those Written Words Are Often Carried Away With The Breeze. Lets Count Our Blessings And Move On.

    Sending Positive Vibes Towards That Little Broken Hopper Of Yours,

  3. This always makes me angry! The other day I was parked in a spot and still sitting in my car when someone proceeded to park next to me by backing his truck into the space. He pulled in so close to me that I had to sound my horn to keep him from hitting one of my side mirrors. He pulled out, moved over a bit and still parked over the line and just inches from my car. I moved my car to another spot while he was still there and he didn't seem to even care.

  4. ...for some folks, the world is ALL about them!

  5. So sorry to hear about your foot. I was hoping it was just a small sprain. I have to admit that this same thing makes me angry too. It's just plain rude. I've only left a note once many years ago. I had gone to the doctor's office and when I returned to my car, a large motor home had pulled in next to me and left no room for me to even get through to the driver's door. I had to climb through the passenger side and over the console. I left a nasty note telling them just how rude they were.

  6. A friend of mine still has a note left on his motorbike after he parked it about 40 years ago outside the house of a slightly batty old lady (who had no vehicle of her own anyway). It read as follows: "Could you please not leave your nasty JAPANESE motorcycle outside my house. While I've been writing this I've missed a programme on television which I particularly wanted to see!"

  7. We have the parking guard here, and if you do not park properly, you will be fined …
    … do you now have splints on your foot or a plaster shoe? I'm sorry to hear that!

  8. I have become a pacifist at last. No more enforcement from me. I withdraw.

  9. I hate parking lots with a passion! Sorry about your foot, Grace!

  10. Ah a key usualy is teh remedy for that as for notes you could leave "Next time you park this close leave a ******* can opener so I can get in my car *******. Not sure it does any good though but the key will **** them off.
    Your right better tio take the bus

    1. Letting their tyre down should *** them off as well and might teach them a lesson

  11. I'd ride the train or bus so it wouldn't be an issue with me. I used to get angry when situations like that came up but I don't drive anymore and I love it. Be careful with your foot and I hope it heals fast for you.

  12. I was only slightly off parking completely straight, barely noticeable but R had to make a comment. With a sweep of my arm around the carpark, it was pretty obvious that many cars were parked at extreme angles, including the one next to us. I've never left a note but felt like it at times.

  13. Infuriating. Your note was more polite than I’d be. The bus or train sounds like a great option.

  14. Sorry to hear about your foot Grace, hope it will heal fast and
    hope your car will not get any scratches!

  15. We call that a$$hole parking, excuse the language, it really is quite rude, I do agree with you. btw I love your header image, looks just like it does here at the beach.

  16. I usually leave rather crude rude notes quite often. Here in the USA people park on the blue loading zone lines at handicap parking spaces, not because they are handicapped, but lazy. Generally they are not physically handicapped, mentally handicapped and I generally tell them so. So much for my rant. I also see similar parking to your example.
    Oh, and I used to love those who parked in front of fire hydrants when I was in the fire department. That is another rant.
    Happy Parking Grace!

  17. Oh, Grace, nooo! "A wee bit broken", how can that be?! It is broken or it´s not?
    Ah, shoot! Greetings from my left foot (no pun intended, it really was the left one and I just gave the book away, too).
    Hope you´re well again soon! It´s summer!
    What drives one nuts. Well, no car in my case, luckily, yet Ingo has to fight and sometimes it takes him 45 minutes + to find a parking spot.
    A car parked for months at the same spot, but who knows, maybe the owner had died (it was gone one day)?
    Motorbikes using car-spots, car drivers using two places....
    DUMB people sums it up, huh?

  18. If you are doing this at the side of a canal in amsterdam the change is great that you land in the water with your car. It happens to tourists but also to inhabitants who must know better. Get well soon.

  19. I call this the "it works for them" syndrome. Sometimes people don't stop to think about how their actions affect others! Janis GDP

  20. Well that is awful, I know somebody who can't park properly either... My lips are sealed.....Btw I have no drivers license :)

  21. Exactly the same thing happened to us the other day at the supermarket. We had to get in to the car from the passenger side. Grrrrrrrrr Diane