Sunday, November 30, 2014

St. John's Anglican Church, Fremantle..

On Tuesday we had a peek into St. John's Anglican Church on Adelaide St. in Fremantle. Designed by William Smith in London and built by architect Joshua James Harwood in 1882 using limestone from a local quarry..

Above the high altar and the tri-panel stained windows.. the lectern to the left and below, an eagle, the symbol of St. John the Evangelist.. to the very left in the chancel, the organ which was added in 1888..

The Rose Window added in 1917 depicting Saints Mathew, Mark Luke and John with the 'seven acts of mercy' below..

The jarrah ceilings built by Joshua Harwood are a unique feature...

The bell tower was added in 1906..

We were lucky to be there at the same time as Mike, whose great, great, there might even be another great in there, grandfather was Joshua Harwood himself, it was a pleasure to meet and talk with you Mike. I like this strong, well built church very much, just the right amount of 'grandeur' don't you think! Hope you're having a fab weekend, happy Sunday, take care and stay safe...p.s. catch up today!


  1. Such a beautiful old church and great history, too!! You did get some terrific captures, Grace, as always!! Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend!! Enjoy -- camera in hand, of course!!

  2. Wow, Grace, the ceiling is amazing, but meeting Mike tops it all, I guess - have a great Sunday yourself :-)

  3. Very nice Gothic-revival architecture with beautiful clean lines.

  4. Oo! I do like those arches and that rood screen.

  5. It's a beauty, Grace. Interesting how they kept adding features to it and how well they suit it.

  6. Those ceiling remind me of the churches here built by boat builders. The roofs were essentially upside down ship hulls in wood. I love 'em.

  7. This is very impressive. Love the stone, the stained glass, the beams ... it's all gorgeous. I'm curious about the altar, which seems to be against the wall. Does the priest face the altar or the congregation when celebrating the Eucharist?

    I believe we have two "Anglican" churches in Ocala. Well, they consist of people who pulled out our local Episcopalian church because the Episcopalian church ordained gays. So they started their own churches, but even though they call themselves Anglican I don't believe they are actually part of the worldwide Anglican communion.

    Stuart's comment is right on. Many churches take the shape of ships, thus the main area is called the "nave."

  8. Beautiful church building, especially in the sunshine.
    The roof work was built by shipbuilders in days of yore as they had the talent to build a roof that would last.
    The rood screen, though attractive, is not a requirement.
    Before Jesus the people took their sacrificial offerings to the priest, once Jesus, both the sacrifice and himself the Great High Priest, had offered himself for us the way to God was open to all. No more priests as we come to God through him alone.
    The continued use of such reveal the history, that is political history, of old England more than theological understanding.
    Most churches of course don't have any of this.

  9. Immer wieder schön diese alten Kirchen eine schöne Holzdecke.


  10. Always loved this church & it's bell tower is so much more elegant than that other one in Perth!

  11. My, that is a gorgeous church, inside and out!

  12. That's a really nice looking church Grace.

  13. It has ample grandeur. In fact, oodles of grandeur. Nicely photographed.

  14. Wonderful design. The white interior walls make the place seem to float.

  15. Beautiful church Grace, and those ceilings are amazing! I have never been inside that church, but will have to take a peek as well.

  16. It is a fine church and not overdone. The eagle sculpture is exceptional.

  17. It is indeed a beautiful church Grace, with it's stained glass windows and jarrah ceiling. I lived near Fremantle for many years but only ever ventured inside this beautiful church once. Thanks for sharing

  18. Beautiful church!

  19. The stone work is exquisite...both colour and design. And the eagle has a bold and beautiful stance...ready for action.

  20. Looks very nice, I like the wooden ceiling.

  21. What a beautiful church!
    It has a fine architecture and is not overloaded
    with gold. Just love it :)


  22. Such a beautiful church. I love the stained glass windows and the beautiful arches in the second photo.

  23. Stunning photos of an attractive church!

  24. Hi Grace
    Not sure if you still keep in touch with this blog. Wanted to let you know that St Johns Church also has windows mentioning my husband's family name (Mother's side) of Duffield. These are magnificent pictures. Thank you.

    Will attempt to connect on Facebook.
    Jenni Wright

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  26. Thanks for the pictures Grace. My husband is a descendant of the Duffields, whose names are all over the walls of this church