Thursday, April 28, 2011

St. Georges Terrace

St. Georges Terrace is probably my favorite street in the city for taking photo's. It is a real mixture of old and new buildings standing alongside each other.  A good example being the Old Perth Boys School which was built in 1853 ( and is now a cafe, directly behind it is the City Square building which is still under construction and I think may when it is finished be Perth's tallest building (, this link is very cool and even has a video of how the building will be used when it is finished.


  1. First thought... what a beautiful composition of old and new architecture, different textures, colors, and materials. Your image is so crisp that it almost looks as if you made a collage of three different buildings combining them into one image. Good job!


  2. Thanks Genie...It's funny, when you consciously start looking for interesting buildings in Perth, there are actually more than I thought.

    Have a great day,

  3. Oh, that is a great contrast between old and new, small and tall. Nice reflection.

  4. Great height in this photo. Makes me feel so small.

  5. Thanks Carol, just checked your blog, wow what an exciting life you have, so much opportunity for adventure AND excellent photos.

    Thanks Joe, tall buildings scare me, but they're good for effect.

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