Tuesday, April 26, 2011

After the parade

It was a holiday in Australia yesterday for Anzac Day ( which happened this year to fall on Easter Monday, so it is also a holiday today). All the big stores were closed but the important places like coffee shops and certain bookshops were open. On the way back from the Anzac parade we stopped at The Rydges Hotel on the cnr of Hay and King St.(http://www.Rydges.com/Perth) to have coffee , it also happens to be directly opposite one of my very favorite bookshops Elizabeth's Secondhand Bookshop (www.elizabethsbookshop.com.au/shop) a perfect place to browse, so all in all a good day.


  1. Really beautiful photoes and really enjoyed to reading the story..^___^..xoxo

  2. I do love second-hand bookshops and can always find a little treasure... I would definitely say that it was "a good day!"