Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cappuccino strip

South Terrace in Fremantle is known as the cappuccino strip, with cafe's down both sides of the road. You can tell when the weather gets a little bit cooler which side of the road is most popular. Yes it's true, we do consider 20C a bit cooler.


  1. Anything under 20 we also consider cool here in Gympie Qld

  2. 20c in mumbai is real nice and cool :)

  3. I can't believe a few weeks ago we were complaining like mad about how hot it was. It always amazes me how changeable the weather in Australia can be.

  4. It is for the 1st day of each month. There is some code available from the portal, that you MUST include in your post (as I have) to enable the CDPB 'crawler' to include you in the Theme Day list. See on the portal where it flashes that the May Theme Day is in progress. This is where I should appear really soon now. There and in recently updated. Then you go around and visit posts which appeal, and they should come visit you. You get yourself known in that way.

    Australians are some of the first to post, just due to the time zones. FOlk on the west coast of the USA dont post much before we go onto the post for the 2nd of the month.

    SO ... go for it. I will check your post out as tomorrow progresses to ensure that you have included the code and show on the portal correctly.

    Good Luck!!

  5. Where to find the code?

    See on the portal where there is a drop-down called "My Account"? Click than, then within that drop-down, click "Theme Day". Click on 'select all', right click on you mouse and copy. Go into your post and paste it into your theme day post that you are preparing. I have slightly altered the wording on my but you keep yours the way it is until you feel comfortable with the process.

  6. Good to see another Aussie blog. I'm following your blog now.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs