Saturday, December 22, 2012

End of days.....

If the world had ended yesterday.
Would the sky have been afire
If the world had ended yesterday
It would have been so dire
Despite all the warnings
the sun came up this morning.....nice!!
I really must stop trying to compose prose (!) my sister-in-law, writer and poet Frances Macaulay Forde must weep whenever she looks in on my blog and sees my lamentable efforts, you know I do like a bit of fun haha! So the original image below is looking up through the steel structure in the Central Park complex, the real reflections of blue sky and puffy white clouds are the world's reply to all doomsday predictions n'est pas!! Have a wonderful weekend, take care and stay safe.....


  1. Lovely with all these colors..... very nice to see Grace.

    Greetings and a nice weekend, Joop

  2. If you, in far east, are still blogging and having fun, it means that finally it was not THE day!...
    Great shot for today, Grace, and don't be so modest , I like your poem!
    I wish you a merry Christmas from the other side of the world!

  3. You are the first to know, well, it has not finished, the world as know it, but, it has gone in many ways. Love your photography.

  4. I always enjoy your poems, Grace, certainly better than any poems I can write!! What great reflections for the day -- color and B&W!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful, beautiful and very Merry Christmas! Forgive me if I've already sent wishes, lousy memory these days and I think it gets worse by the hour!!


  5. Beautiful shot, Grace!

    A merry Christmas to you!

    By the way, with all this lunacy going on, I saw a pic earlier that made me think of you. Google image search for Galactus Perth Australia, and you'll find a pic that'll make you laugh.

  6. Great effect on this one, Grace!

  7. Oh yes, I like the second choise (without fire !!)

  8. Lol, you are much better than I'd ever be!!!! So here we are off again for new adventures, and the sky is so beautiful!

  9. I had no doubt in my mind we'd all still be here today. Bonza poem.

  10. Hon, your words always touch me. And your pics are sweet. Aloha

  11. Great post Grace. It's topical, visual and descriptive withe your wonderful sense of humour thrown in. Keep on blogging.

  12. Oh, you're still around, and it's already tomorrow in Oz. Guess we're safe then. Or did we just all survive it... What? Maybe they just got the planet wrong. Well, our planet is worth saving: it's the only one with chocolate!

  13. Just sent you a Facebook invite. Hope I got the right person!!!

  14. Ah, I love it! (So cool your sister-in-law writes for page, stage and screen:). Our skies are nowhere near so beautifully blue, but it's definitely been another ordinary work day, ho hum:) Have a restful weekend and a safe, Happy Holidays!!

  15. Joyeux Noel à toi et à ta famille

  16. Hello, I feel I won something too, as we still are here.
    Sending you wishes for lovely Christmas time!
    Your graphic and dramatic images tell a story, I like them both!

  17. Yead, day after day, which disappoints some people. The top one looks like a 60s concert poster.

  18. I really do love your doomsday photo at the top but, then I love to play around with photos and turn them into something new. So glad I'm still here to wish you a great weekend.

  19. For a moment I thought you had send us a photo from heaven or where you would be after the great vanishing, but the second photo reassured me, you are still in Perth! Have a nice weekend too Grace!

  20. Yes, we're still here! Have a wonderful Christmas.

  21. I love when you get playful. Very nice.

    Your poetry
    While not malign
    Is certainly
    Not benign
    It pokes and prods
    And makes us laugh
    You might think
    That we are daft
    But no, we're
    Happy as a lark
    Your poetry lights
    Up the dark
    And like a fine
    Poetic pie
    Ev'ry slice
    Is very nice!

    Merry Christmas!

    P.S. I did something similar photographically on Ocala (Florida) Photos today.

  22. I'm glad the world didn't end. I would miss seeing such beautiful images....

  23. That shot is SO perfect for the end of the world, it's ALMOST a shame it didn't happen!