Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Barracks Arch

This is the view of yesterday's Arch looking up from St. Georges Terrace. It has a really interesting story (BarracksArch).  When Parliament House was built on the rise, the barracks were knocked down so that Parliament would have a view of St. Georges Terrace, but because of the public outcry (thank goodness for public outcry!) the Arch remained. The ironic thing is, that it still blocks their view of the terrace. The ghostly silhouette in front is called 'The Unidentified Photographer', he is a life-sized bronze created in 1996, he is holding a Box Brownie camera.


  1. Hi there - thanks for having a look at my photo blog. I have only been to Perth once - but your pictures make me want to come back.

    You may find my account of being in Perth for the first time of interest - you can find it at:

    I only scratched the surface of Perth - and your pictures show me how much I missed!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne.

  2. Thanks Stewart, I will definitely have a look at your Perth photos. I've discovered so many things about Perth myself doing this blog.

    Like you with Perth, I have also only been to Melbourne once a very long time ago, my daughter has been recently and says without doubt it is the best city for shopping.

    Looking forward to seeing you future photos.


  3. I love the unidentified photographer silhuetted against the building - very different!
    Thanks for visiting my "All Things French"
    site - I really appreciated that!

  4. Thank you Dianne, your photos are something I look forward to.

  5. I love big, ol', historic buildings like that! Great architectural details!

  6. i like trains too!

  7. i like candy n chickens n jaccuzis n waffles and telly n me n stuff........................................................... ROFLMAO


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