Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Pigeon pair..

Ironically parked outside Pigeonhole :) I'm not really a car person and probably wouldn't have noticed this flamboyant pair but even at 8.30am on an already warm and humid Sunday morning my coffee companion did. As I took a shot in my mind I had already inverted the image.. black/white, so perfect for that, looks much cooler below don't you think! At first I thought they had been clamped until it was explained that the red and yellow tire accessories were disc brake calipers.. looks a bit like wearing your underpants on the outside 😉 Happy Wednesday, take care and stay safe..


  1. Once I would have loved to have driven one, now I just think how economical is it to drive

  2. Very nice! Did you get to go for a ride?

  3. Those are some cool cars and I like the edit!

  4. I like your image, Grace! Those are quite the cars.

  5. Yes very cool cars and a delightful description!

  6. Great. I was going to mention the brake calipers. They certainly show up in blue.

  7. I can see you had great fun with these two Ferraris. Good result too.

  8. Grace. I repeat myself. :-)
    Bummer, you made me laugh big!
    a) I was thinking, "wait... pigeonhole, where exactly have I seen that? Subi?
    b) ohhh, the hearts. xx
    And only after reading, c) oh, yes, cool cars, fun combo, did they park there on purpose?!
    I´m not a car person either, very obviously... (and I would never hop in one of those! Other they promise to not go over 100 km/h - unlikely, huh?)...

  9. What a great cars. They are so nice and not bad to drive in it.
    Your edit is also funny to see. The colors are totally reversed.
    Nice post!!

    Greetings, Marco

  10. Oh Grace you made me laugh with your comment about the underpants! ha,ha!

  11. Ha ha the caliper brakes I admit are not really pretty. Love the cars though! Have a good day, Diane

  12. Cool editing and I'm laughing about wearing your underpants on the outside 😉

  13. Love your eye! You are nobody's pigeon, G

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  15. Color Inversion!!!
    Oh, It's a great idea about B/W cars! ;) :)