Thursday, May 23, 2019

Autumn.. 'Poetry in the air'.

'Autumn, when every leaf 
is a flower' 🍂

A second visit to Raeburn Orchards yesterday was so worth the drive. A month ago when we were here searching for autumn the leaves were just turning yellow, a month later they are molten gold. I took so many shots it was hard to cut it down to the few here. It was a glorious sight marred by only one thing..tell you about that tomorrow :) Happy Thursday, take care and stay safe.. P.s. Just made it before the official start of winter in a few weeks :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Fascinating fungi..

Walking under the trees at Perry Lakes Reserve a few days ago I spotted the huge fungus 
high up in a eucalyptus tree. Fungi are fascinating.. and slightly gross at the same time :) I searched to see if I could find a name but the kingdom of fungi has a cast of millions. Has anyone seen anything like this? I love walking around the lakes and bush areas.. where there are trees the air smells so sweet and fresh 🌳 Hope you are having a good week, happy Wednesday, take care and stay safe.. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Pushing my luck..

I hope I'm not pushing my luck with three bird posts almost in a row :) I really wanted to share this uniquely Australian experience with you. Sitting outside on my patio a few days ago I was joined by Mr Kookaburra who sat looking at me intently as if to say 'I've heard you feed all the stray cats in the neighborhood, and the seed eating birds.. so come on it's our turn'. He was joined by Mrs K and their two offspring. Laughing kookaburras are carnivorous so I thought they might like a bit of roast beef, they did, eating it almost out of my hand. They weren't bothered about me taking close ups at all..

Perched on top of the swimming pool umbrella they looked down at me as if to say 'the rumours are true, we'll be back tomorrow for more'.. and they were :) It's not a habit I will get into though, I'm pretty sure a diet of roast beef might not be a good idea for wild birds, a bit like junk food, a little now and then won't hurt. Their comical close-ups are pretty cute though :) Happy Tuesday, take care and stay safe..

Monday, May 20, 2019

Shady lady..

Aka 'lemon tree girl'. Found this gorgeous piece yesterday by Perth mural artist and illustrator Paul Deej on the wall of a home in a shady tree lined street in Cottesloe. The last time you saw lemon tree girl was here (you will have to scroll down) in Mount Lawley. Could she be puckered up here in the hope of a princely transformation :) Hope you had/are still having a fab good weekend, happy Monday, take care and stays safe.. P.s. makes me wish I had a wall and a lemon tree out front :)

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Seven little ducks sitting in a row..

Seven sweet little ducks with their upside down reflection in Herdsman Lake, close in above and the bigger picture below..

You find out the most amazing things when you blog! I'm not making fun of phobias, believe me I have sooo many, but this one made me laugh out loud, although not a laughing matter to those that have it I'm sure. Anatidaephobia, the fear that somewhere in the world a duck or a goose is watching you, not attacking or touching, just watching. That's almost as ridiculous, apologies to anyone reading this that has this particular phobia, as my fear of bike helmets, not the wearing of them, that's a necessity, just the look of them.. I know right, nuts 😉  Happy weekend, take care and stay safe.. P.s. As I clicked the shot below five ducks turned to watch me :) :)

Friday, May 17, 2019

A bit of a show off..

Always looking for ways to keep up my step count, at least 10,000 or more each day, so I hope you are up for another walk with me, this time around Herdsman Lake, a 15 minute drive from home, a really pretty walk. The Australasian darter, although a common sight around lakes and wetlands, is hard to resist when they spread their wings to dry every time they see a camera pointed in their direction.. or so it seems :) The male darter above with his black and gold plumage has a bit of an Egyptian look about it don't you think. I took these shots a few days ago when the skies were blue, yesterday they were grey for the day.. that's autumn for you! Happy Friday, take care and stay safe..

Thursday, May 16, 2019

The smallest room (not) in the house!

I remember how impossible difficult it was when we were traveling around Europe to find a decent public loo, this is not a problem in Perth, city or country. In fact even in the bush there are 'facilities'.. IF YOU DARE! You might have noticed the sign in the background below right 'Beware of Snakes'.. so how desperate would you have to be to enter this wee outhouse 😉 Hope this gave you a Thursday morning smile, take care and stay safe..

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