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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Things that caught my eye in Fremantle..

A few things that caught my eye on our visit to the port city of Fremantle on Tuesday.. walking along the South Mole the view above of the WA Maritime Museum.. with HMAS Ovens resting on the historic WW11 submarine slipway at the side. If I wasn't so claustrophobic I would love to take one of the guided tours through the submarine.. can't imagine what it must have been like for long periods. Had a bit of a play with settings on my Olympus for the shot above.Meanwhile when we arrived to park and pay.. this is the first time I've seen meters where you have to key in your car registration number.. so much info just to park, do you have these in your city?

Below the bathing belles of the Bathers Beach House check out the link to see the gorgeous Art Deco style building..

Moi cosying up to an Italian fisherman in the boat harbour below, my favourite fishing vessels in the background..

School excursion Aussie style.. the Maritime Museum to the left, artists studios centre and the Round House, built in 1830 and the oldest building still standing in WA to the right..

Many school bands were busking around Freo on Tuesday, here a group warming up beside The Monk on South Terrace..

I have to stop sometime, so I'll end with a view down South Terrace aka the cappuccino strip.. if you pull in the poster on the lampost you'll see that not much has changed. Fremantle definitely values it's heritage buildings so much more than Perth city, which is a shame. As you can see it was cloudy and grey, they've been predicting rain for days now.. still waiting! Happy Thursday, take care and stay safe... p.s. how much fun was it to see everyone's 'shy self-portrait' yesterday :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

CDP Theme day.. 'My camera-shy self portrait'..

Well I'm not making it easy for you, you'll have to search for moi :) When we were in Fremantle yesterday, as always I take the opportunity to call in at Wendy Binks gallery on South Terrace. As luck would have it Wendy was in the gallery at the time (you can see her to the left) and as a fellow photophobe (?) she was happy to chat while P snapped a few shots from outside in, it's quite clear really! Below the shot I was originally going to use, taken reflected in one of sculptures on Cottesloe Beach a few weeks ago, not quite so hard :) Looking forward to seeing you all today! Happy Wednesday, take care and stay safe. p.s. slight amendment to second shot, thanks Jack, hilarious :)

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cats, pirates and elephants down the lane..

Back in Mt Lawley. After the 30 Artists, 30 walls, 1 Laneway project during the Beaufort Street Festival last year Grosvenor Lane alone provides a multitude of marvelous murals. The clowder of cats above was painted by Jackson et famille.. Jackson the son of a friend who owned the house was thrilled to be painting alongside the other artists, a future muralist in the making! To quote Shrink pirate artist below 'extreme boredom can do strange things to the mind', agreed!

...and last but not least the mural below by a favourite of mine James Giddy, you've seen him before on the blog.. love his gentle creatures around town, detest taggers, especially over other artists work grrrr! It's the last day for City Daily Photo members to catch that illusive 'camera shy self-portrait' I'd better get onto it today :) have you got yours sorted? Happy Tuesday, take care and stay safe..

Monday, March 30, 2015

Joondalup Festival Twilight Lantern Parade.. 'Our Curious Landscape'.

One of the highlights of the Joondalup Festival is the Twilight Lantern Parade. First time viewed for me. I was blown away by the creativity of the entrants. A participative community arts event, with wondrous creations by school students, community groups and professional artists. The theme this year 'our curious landscape'..

There was so much more to see, but there was a point when I stopped to just enjoy and although I absolutely appreciate the work that went into the above I have to confess the excitement of the littlest participants holding their simple lanterns aloft so preciously was the most entertaining and a delight to see. Once again taking photos at night without a tripod.. très difficile! Can't believe the weekend is overs already, well mine anyway :) Happy Monday, take care and stay safe...

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Joondalup Festival at twilight..

Yesterday evening found us wandering around this year's Joondalup Festival, it was hectic! Joondalup City is roughly 26 km north of Perth and just ten minutes on the freeway from where I live. When Aimee was looking to buy her first property Joondalup was on the list. A festival is not a festival without the flying swings, I remember loving those swings, these days I'm happy just to listen to the screams :) now the carousel below is another matter, I quite like the idea of choosing a mount and having a ride!

Pop up coffee and Gelato bar!

The Beatles were there.. they were fab!

The real reason we were there was the same as the thousands of children and parents below excitedly waiting for....! Show you tomorrow :) Hope you're having a groovy weekend (man that just aged me), take care and stay safe...

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The 'Extra Mad' chandelier!

Well I guess it's not really all that mad, but it was the first thing that I noticed on entering Mad Mex at Hillarys Boat Harbour.. if you pull the image in you'll see the perfectly placed rows of Corona Extra beer bottles make a pretty cool chandelier! As soon as I downloaded this shot I knew it would be fun to have bit of a play, works well with the colours inverted don't you think? Bon weekend, take care and most of all stay safe...


Friday, March 27, 2015

Sunny side up.. this way and that!

I like the young lad's expression :) Couldn't resist showing 'is this a step forward' by Keld Moseholm (Denmark) it was one of my favourite pieces from Sculpture by the Sea this year. Three chubby chaps absorbed in their reading, about to step off the ...! As an avid book reader I can relate, I've burnt many a dinner distracted by words :)

... and 'ocean lace' below by Britt Mikkelsen (WA) just because it's pretty in the sunset! Look at those surfers out there.. you wouldn't catch me in the water at twilight, feeding time for big beasties in the sea! End of week already and storms predicted for Perth today, I hope they've got it right this time, a storm would be most welcome! Happy Friday, take care and stay safe...

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