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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tequila sunrise!

Seen on the wall of Santa Fe Restaurant & Tequila Lounge in Subiaco. The impresionante new mural and sign art is the work of urban surf artist Fieldey, wonderful colour, check out her fabulous surfboard art here. I didn't realize until I walked down Hay St. in the City to Surf on Sunday.. and no Jack I didn't win, but there were only about 30,000 in front of me :), how much there is to see along the way, you miss so much when driving oui! Happy middle of the week Wednesday, take care ..

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Oh that last killer kilometer!

Best tee shirt of the day! Thankfully I managed to drag myself over the line :)  Since it's conception 40 years ago with around 500 registered participants the Chevron City to Surf for Activ has developed into WA's biggest fundraiser of the year.. 50,000 people either ran the 42km marathon (bravo Jimmy), the half marathon, the 12km run, 4km run or walked the 12km (moi) or 4km from the city to the beach.. there are some excellent shots from the day here.. In the first three shots below the start line with Barracks Arch waaay up in the distance, on the trek up to and past Kings Park..

Past the Arch and still a long way to go.. recognize the redhead :) my sister to the left, P to the right!

Looking back down the terrace...

Buoyed on by the WA Police Pipe Band.. there's nothing like blokes in kilts to lift the spirits :)

Oh girls just want to have fun!

Eleven kilometers later, the first glimpse of the ocean, what a relief, one more to go, almost there.. but because of the road closures for the event, even when we made the finish line, there was still another kilometer to get to the car.. that was the hardest of all :) The marathon runners set off just before sunup and seeing them run through Kings Park as the sun came up over the city I can understand why it is described as one of the most beautiful marathons around the world. Hope you've enjoyed the walk, you didn't even have to work up a sweat :) happy Tuesday, take care...

Monday, September 1, 2014

Rust and ruin, Perry's Cottage..

The subject for the September theme day couldn't be more ironic! After walking 12km in the City to Surf yesterday (tell you all about it tomorrow) although thankfully not rusty I am definitely a bit of a wreck :) About a week ago when I was driving home from the markets I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted the rusty old wind paddle leaning against the ruins of Perry's Cottage, am sure it wasn't there before but how perfect for today!

The cottage in Yellagonga Park (a popular spot for walkers) built around 1850 using local limestone is a good example of English architecture adapted to local conditions. I've heard that the cottage will be restored but as yet haven't seen any signs of that happening.. Meanwhile my aching bones are heading off to bed early (it's Sunday night for moi) looking forward to catching up today, take care...p.s. first day of spring in Australia!
Click here to see more rust and ruins around the world...

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Partly cloudy with a chance of....!

Perfect running/walking conditions. Today we're walking in the biggest community fund raising event of the year the 40th City to Surf for ACTIV. Taking off from St. Georges Terrace in the city and walking 12 km to City Beach, check out the route here. I missed it last year.. dodgy knee, so wish me luck and I'll tell you all about my aches and pains tomorrow :) Hope your weekend is going well, take care...
To see more weekend reflections visit James this way!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Zzzzzzz! Counting... ?

Wonder what sheep count as they're dropping off to sleep..  perhaps she's dreaming about the handsome stud below. :) These wooly Merino sheep were only one of the attractions at Dowerin Field Day. Yup, this was the reason for the trip out to Dowerin 156km north-east of Perth in the wheatbelt region.. one of the biggest agricultural shows in Australia, this year celebrating it's 50th year...

No Australian agricultural show would be complete without a sheep shearing demonstration..  the somewhat startled 'don't look I'm naked' expression on the sheep peeking out from behind the shearer made me smile :)

Aussie men in Aussie Akubra hats checking out old engines!

Shiny Chevrolet hood adornments...

Farming equipment old and new.. I know nothing of these things :)

We city slickers don't get out to the country very often but whenever we do it's always an enjoyable experience.. perfect timing too, the weather was brilliant on Thursday, yesterday not so much, rain and storms, that could have been tricky! Did this week ziiiiip by as fast for you as it did for me? Have a wonderful weekend, take care and stay safe...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Seduced by the yellow!

We set off early yesterday morning for the small town of Dowerin 156km north-east of Perth in the central wheatbelt region of WA. Producing two thirds of the state's wheat the fields stretch out as far as the eye can see and at this time of the year, during and just after the rains, the colours of the canola side by side with the wheat are glorious. What is it about the colour yellow that is so enticing, it's hard to find that point where you have enough shots and need to stop! Will show you tomorrow the reason for the exodus to the country.. all that fresh air is exhausting :) catch up tomorrow, have a good Friday, take care....

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The complexities of life...

.... always seem a little less intense when shared with a friend by the sea.. yesterday at Burns Beach. It's been a while since I was there last, not sure if I agree with the link which states 'Burns Beach has managed to maintain much of it's original character as a small coastal village'.. the suburban development is huge and hardly village-like. As Perth's population is expanding rapidly, prospective home buyers are lucky that there is still so much potential and relatively close to the city since the Freeway expanded north. Do you have a special spot where you contemplate your own and the world's problems :) Happy Thursday, take care. p.s. this city girl is heading into the country today.. yeehaw!

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