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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Lionfish.. spreading the poison.

If I told you that I'd taken these shots of the venomous Lionfish whilst diving in the Indian Ocean would you believe me? You wouldn't! Really! Surely that can't be the most unbelievable thing you've heard lately :) You would be right, this spiky showoff giving me the 'oh sure you're brave when I'm stuck in here' look is best observed behind glass, seen here at AQWA. The Lionfish native to the Indo-Pacific, popular in home aquariums but dumped wherever by irresponsible owners is now invading and upsetting the native fish and environment in waters around the world, what can I say.. unbelievable! Have a fab weekend, take care and stay safe...  


Friday, July 29, 2016

'Chinese Bible 2009' .. Art Gallery WA.

It's no secret that I like art in all it's creative diversity, it's a bit like music, if you only listen to one genre you are missing out on many exciting sounds, a closed mind is a wasted mind right! I am never disappointed when we call in at the Art Gallery WA, sure there are some works that I think what the heck :) but even that in itself is an experience. The installation here does not fall into that category, one of three in the exhibition Sacred and Profane, this installation by Chinese artist Yang Zhichao, 'Chinese Bible 2009' is a magnificent historical undertaking by the artist..  

Made up of 3,000 diaries collected in Beijing markets over a span of three years, 'the diaries written between the period 1949-1999, a span of time that coincides with the first fifty years of communist rule in China'. Incroyable oui! If you have a spare seven minutes :) watch the vimeo here, so worth the watch. I have one of my mum's diaries, it will never end up in a market, I treasure it! Is it seriously Friday already.. where did the week go? Take care and stay safe...  

Thursday, July 28, 2016

When does an outer-city suburb become an inner-city suburb!.

It's been at least ten years since we last visited Mindarie Keys, I was astounded at the intensity of development that's sprung up since then and is still in progress, with freeways and train services struggling to keep up with the pace. It's when you see outer-city suburbs like this spreading so fast that you realize just how much land there is available, and it's clear that the further away from the city the more you get for your dollar! So many huge homes around the marina itself. A complete change of environment for the high percentage of English homeowners here..   

How about your own private beach below! Got me to thinking that if these outer suburbs keep spreading as fast as they are, at some point will my suburb which is 20km (15 minutes) from the city become an inner-city suburb :) Doesn't look too bad for a winters day! Happy Thursday, take care and stay safe...

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Evicted without notice!

After reading this story (bird-lovers will be enraged) in the local community paper, we zipped up to Mindarie Keys, 36km north of Perth CBD, to check it out. I was totally unprepared for the changes as it's been many years since we last came up this way, tell you more about that tomorrow. The short story is that due to major residential development in this area six years ago due to necessity a pair of Osprey built their nest atop this sculpture and successfully reared several chicks..   

Not taking away from the sculpture 'Egyptian Rowboat' by WA artist Jon Denaro, his work featured in 'Sculpture by the Sea', the artist drawing inspiration from 'boats as an integral feature within the harbour', but this looks like an unlikely spot for a nest, which I have just read can be up to 2mt wide and 135kg heavy, blimey!  

Much to the ire of birders and photographers alike the shire removed the nest so that repairs could be carried out on the sculpture which allegedly :) was showing signs of rust that could 'compromise the stability of the sculpture, therefore becoming a danger to the public and the nest'! All are hoping that the Ospreys will reclaim their spot and just as we were leaving look who arrived and was calling for their mate, P swung his camera up and got this quick shot before the Osprey soared magnificently up into the blue sky. I think nesting season is getting close so I will return to see if they have reclaimed their sculptural abode. Happy Wednesday, take care and stay safe.. p.s. what a fabulous view of the nest the people next door would have had, and hopefully will have again!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Old school street art.. 'country style'.

We passed through several small towns last week on our 'jaunt' to the country. You may remember that the art on the wheat silos is not even six months old.. while driving through Northam, (quite a history) my beady bloggers eye :) was caught by the mural above and below painted almost twenty years ago. The rural scene starring real life Whiley the dog, defines exactly what the area is all about, the growing and harvesting of wheat! After twenty years there's a little restoration required here.. that could apply to the photographer also :) 

Below, 45km north-north-east of Northam the mural found around the corner from the local cafe in the town of Goomalling, population 499 (2006 census) again depicting local events. There was no trying to figure out what a mural might possibly mean back then, what you see is what it is :) Talking to the locals it seems they love the new silo art and are looking forward to more local and international artists heading their way.. old school meets new, I'll be back to see that! Happy Tuesday, take care and stay safe...

Monday, July 25, 2016

Husky love...

Another crisp clear winter day in the city. Yesterday morning people watching while enjoying a coffee in Bocelli's Espresso in Forrest Place how could I resist a shot of gorgeous six year old Husky Ashka  Beautifully behaved Ashka was loving the attention and had her picture taken a few times while I sat watching. It always amazes me the things I find out while researching a post and while Googling Huskies in Perth I came across the Husky Rescue WA site. Run by volunteers and relying on donations this amazing group whose philosophy 'every dog deserves a chance for a quality life' work relentlessly to find the right placement for Huskies who for one reason or another no longer have a home, excellent! Hope you had a fab weekend, happy Monday, take care and stay safe... 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Weekend reflections.. 'The Dresses'.

In the foyer of Tower 1 Brookfield Place until the 7th August.. just one of the many de'lights' :) of Winter Lights 2016. 'The Dresses', an ethereal art installation by Korean/French artist Tae Gon Kim. Two tres glamorous dresses that have been exhibited around the world, created using 'hundreds of illuminated fibreoptic strands that shimmer from the realms of fantasy and symbolize the garment's history and transformation over time'. I wish I had taken more time over these shots.. rain showers and a small hand tugging me along made that impossible :) Bon weekend, take care and most of all stay safe...
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