Monday, May 30, 2011


Artrage Inc. ( Artrage) on the corner of Milligan and Roe St. in Northbridge is a  complex that is made up of Artrage, The Bakery and Fringe World, between them they run a huge everyday program of live music, theatre and art productions. It started off as the Festival Fringe society in 1983 and has grown from there.  Artrage is sponsored by the Dept of Culture and the Arts, Lottery West and also Western Power (Western Power and Artrage). Thousands of artists have entertained tens of thousands of visitors to Perth over the years. So all in all it is a pretty amazing space, plus the 'graffiti art' on the outside walls is fabulous!


  1. Great to think this came as a spin off from the Fringe Festival - The street art is very impressive!

  2. I was really surprised Dianne to see just how much excellent street art there is in Perth when you're looking for it.

    hanks Randy.

  3. Street art makes everything more interesting doesn't it. There's some lovely stuff around here, I must try to photograph it some day!

  4. Thanks Nicki, Ciel and Steffe, I think any organization that promotes local and interstate talent is always fantastic, and a little bit of colourful graffiti can transform an ugly building into something special!


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